Every TV and Radio Broadcast facility requires multiple equipment and hardware peripherals to get the correct job done. It’s a whole list of equipment out there and sometimes finding the right equipment at the right price can be truly tedious and tiresome. We help you to save time and your resources by proposing the right equipment at the right price that you have come to expect and with the right support and warranty that you need from these Broadcast equipment..

We can provide various Video signal Input / Output Boards for your Broadcasting needs. From single Video Capture Input to Multi-Capture Inputs or single Video Output and Multi-Video Outputs, it can also be a combination of both Inputs and Outputs at the same time on a single board. All our Video I/O boards support 4K / HD / SD Video formats, providing you with lots of possibilities. By utilizng multiple Video boards for your Server or Workstation, you can have various Video I/O configurations for your Broadcasting requirements. We have the right Video board for your Broadcast requirements, Contact us for more info.

We provide a large variety of professional Audio equipment for your Broadcasting needs. From Microphone, Headphones, Headsets, Wired and Wireless Intercom to Monitor Speakers, Audio Mixers / Switchers and many more that is related with Audio delivery, processing and accessories. Contact us for more info.

Video distribution within your Broadcast facility is extremely important in order to keep up with mission-critical situations and to ensure that your Video gets to move around your facility. We provide various Video Matrix Switcher / Router and professional Network Switcher for your Broadcasting needs. From 4×4 to a massive 512×512 Video Routers, while for Networking we can provide Core Switchers, Layer 2 / 3 Switchers to Unmanaged Switchers. Contact us for more info.

We provide a large no. of Video Converters and Extenders for your Broadcasting needs. From Keyboard Video Mouse (KVM) switch to various Video signal Converters to IP and Fiber Extenders in either Single Mode or Multi-Mode transmission. Contact us for more info.

We provide Decoding and Encoding solutions for your day-to-day Video Receiving, Distribution and Delivery. From professional Integrated Receiver / Decoders to high-end Encoders for your TV and Radio Channel Broadcasting needs. Contact us for more info.