In every heart of a TV Station, there lies an automation system that will playout the contents from a daily playlist and ultimately delivering the content on their desired Broadcast platform and eventually to the viewers themselves. With emerging technologies everyday, TV Broadcasters may choose to transmit their content through the 5 widely used platforms which are Satellite, Terrestrial, IPTV, Cable TV or even through OTT which is the next upcoming trend these days. If you are planning for TV Channels expansion or perhaps starting up a new TV Station from scratch, we have the technical know how and expertise to help you in this endeavor.

Whether you are an established TV Channel Broadcaster or planning to start your own TV Station or perhaps migrating to the Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) platform from the traditional Analog Broadcasting in order to ON-AIR your contents, you certainly need a Video Playout Solution for this purpose if you intend to Broadcast your Channels through either Satellite, Terrestrial, IPTV or even Cable TV. With the emerging IT trend these days, which has certainly replaced the traditional legacy Broadcasting workflows of the past, we are able to achieve various methods and techniques to put your TV Channels ON-AIR more efficiently and usually with minimal human intervention or supervision except during Broadcasting of LIVE news or LIVE events such as Talk Shows, etc. With today’s more powerful and faster computer processors, memory and storage space, it is possible to ON-AIR more than a single Channel from a single server with each Channel having its own Daily Playlist as compared to the past which is only possible with one Channel Playout per server. With Multi-Channel Playout in a single server, this has bring down the cost of owning and maintaining multiple Channels on multiples boxes considerably and not forgeting that it also brings down the power consumption and reduces manpower as well. Through-out the long run this will eventually leads to a quicker return of investment to the owner. Either you are looking to add more TV Channels to your current network or planning to venture in starting up a new TV Channel broadcast, which is a very profitable business, we can assist you with this endeavor as Video Playout Automation solutions is one of our core solutions that we usually offer to our customers. From single Channel to Multi-Channel Playout, we have the solutions at the price that you want and the support that you need. All our Playout solutions are capable to playout video contents in 4K, HD or SD formats and they are easily scaleable to the no. of Channels that you want. Besides the conventional Input / Output of Video signals through the Serial Digital Interface (SDI), our Playout Servers are also capable in accepting inputs through Internet Protocol (IP) and output it as User Datagram Protocol (UDP) which is usually used in the IPTV platform. Additionally if you are also looking for a Channel-in-a-Box solutions that are able to playout multiple Channels, overlay CG & Graphics and to perform Recording of LIVE Video sources at the same time, please contact us for more details.

Our Video Playout Solutions are capable to handle the following scenario:

– Playback of various media files with various compression and file containers, various resolution and frame rate (NTSC, PAL, 720p, 1080i). – On the fly Up / Down / Cross-conversion with a change to the fps parameters and Aspect Ratio. – Quick Layout and editing of playlists using the built-in playlist editors, able to import playlist from Excel and other 3rd party Broadcast Automation Systems. – Automatic and manual import of media files from the network to your server storage. (Automatic Media File Transcoding enabled during Media Import). – Real-time editing of playlist events even while they are being executed which allows last minute insertion of video clips or commercials. – Trimming of video clips in a playlist of events is possible directly within the playout process. – Graphic events such as Crawlers, Lower-third text, Graphics, Animations, SMS and RSS feeds are all easily controllable from the playout interface. – The embedded Web-Based interface provides access to the system administrative functions associated with configuring and customizing the system. – Video transitions are possible such as Cut, V-mix, X-mix and Overlay. – Capable to receive LIVE Video Input feeds from Satellite, Studio Cameras or even from VTR during Playout. – Able to generate Log files to be used in Broadcast Automation Systems or for troubleshooting purposes.

Supports various Compression Formats and Video file Containers such as:

– HD: 1080i – 25 fps or 29.97 fps / 720p – 50 fps or 59.94 fps. – SD: 625i – 25 fps or 29.97 fps. – AVID DnxHD (120, 145, 185, 220 Mbps) – Panasonic (DVCPro25, DVCPro50, DVCProHD) – Sony XDCAM IMX (30, 40, 50), XDCAM HD 422 – AVCHD – HDV – DV25 – MPEG-2 4:2:0, 4:2:2, – IBP GOP or I-Frames – MPEG-4 (H.264, H.265) – Uncompressed 32-bit Video.

File Containers:

– AVI – MOV – MP4 – MXF D-10 / OP1A – RAW DV / DIF – MPEG PS / TS – MPG – FLV – GXF

Video Input / Output:

– Serial Digital Interface (SDI) – Component – Composite

Network Interface:

– 1GBe / 10GBe – Fiber

Supported Internet Protocols for Video Delivery / Receiving:

– Internet Protocol (IP) – User Datagram Protocol (UDP) – Real-Time Transport Protocol (RTP) – Real-Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) – Single Program Transport Stream (SPTS) – Multiple Program Transport Stream (MPTS)

Supported Controls and Triggers:

– General Purpose Interface (GPI) – Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency (DTMF) Cue Tones – Vertical Blanking Interval Capture (VBI) – Network Time Protocol (NTP) Time Sync – RS-232 / RS-422 – IEEE 1394 Firewire – Remote Procedure Call (RPC) request

Configurable Internal Server Storage for storing Video files (In Terrabytes) with RAID 1, RAID 5 or RAID 10 protection:

– 4TB – 10TB – 20TB – 30TB

Once your Broadcast facility has matured and your station keeps getting many request for airing commercials, it may be the time to start considering a powerful yet simplified Traffic system that will help you to keep track of all your TV and Radio AIR TIME sales effectively and efficiently. 

A Traffic system will help your program directors by simplifying their job tremendously as they get to organize and publish commercials quickly and easily to a Video or Audio Playout Server. As Traffic Systems can usually integrate with many other 3rd Party systems as well through a simple XML exchange protocol commonly known as Broadcast Exchange Format (BXF). With automatic As-Run Logs generation, you can show to your commercial clients as proof that their commercials has been Aired on their allocated time slots. 

Secure your Commercial business today by investing in this highly sought Automation.

You are a TV channel looking to reach audiences who doesnt have cable connection or audiences overseas other than the traditional cable or antenna distribution. IPTV Streaming is for you, it allows you to broadcast live TV station stream on multiple devices using a computer through the Internet connection, and viewers to play the stream using website, iOS, Android, Roku and on Smart TV.

If you are a Pay TV or DTH Broadcaster, usually you will need to replace the foreign commercials to local commercials from an incoming Satellite Downlink feed/s before rebroadcasting in order to comply with your government regulations. We provide solutions that are able to do this process automatically without any human intervention. In order to determine the start time and end time of a commercial, or better known as commercial blocks from an incoming Satellite feeds which are usually embedded with DTMF cue tones, this will in turn trigger the Playout Server to automatically switch-over to playing out your local commercials. When the commercial time ends, a second DTMF cue tone embedded within the SDI feed will trigger the Playout Server to stop playing the local commercials and switch back to the incoming LIVE Satellite feed and resume broadcasting. Additionally you may also overlay CG & Graphics from the same Server along with your Video output which are used for special or emergency annoucements over the air. This Ads Insertion workflow can be performed over IP as well for an IPTV platform with IP splicing. Our solution supports Single Channel or Multi-Channel Playout over a single Server and also able to generate DTMF cue tones as well. To know more about this workflow, please contact us for more details
A Master Control Room(MCR)) is a powerful News Automation system that can quickly put your RAW news materials and package them into a News Bulletin and then you are ready to ON-AIR with it through your Playout Automation. It’s a versatile system that can collaborate with multiple online users with their assigned user rights such as the News Producer, News Director, News Anchorman and even journalist themselves who usually login remotely to patch in their fresh news materials. Once a list of news has been arranged in the News Bulletin for the day, the Master Control Room(MCR) can then use the Media Object Server (MOS) protocol that can talk directly with many 3rd Party systems such as Video Servers, Media Object Servers, Audio Servers, Still Stores, CG & Graphics Server and even with a Teleprompter for effective news readout by your News Anchorman. As a News Channel is always mission critical and they are usually delivered LIVE on schedule, therefore without a Newsroom Computer System at your Broadcast facility for delivering news, things could get very messy and end up in disarray. Eliminate such hiccups today and contact us for more info.

If you are running a News Channel or planning to have a News Channel that runs for 24/7, you will need a News Playout Automation Server with Media Object Server (MOS) protocol interface to work well with a variety of systems such as a Newsroom Computer System (NRCS), Media Object Servers, Video Servers, Audio Servers, Still Stores and CG & Graphics Playout Servers. 

With our News Playout Automation, you can playout your LIVE news with interesting CG & Graphics overlay such as Stock Tickers, Weathermetrics, Lower-Third Text, SMS Chats, RSS feeds. It also supports multiple Video formats such as 4K / HD / SD with various bitrate and various types of Compression, Containers and Wrappers. As a News Channel is always in a critical Broadcast environment, Redundancy Playout are usually added along to ensure that your News Channel always stays ON-AIR.

Today Channel branding is extremely important to make your TV Channels more attractive and pleasing to the eye. Without interesting and interactive Lower Third Text, Graphics, Animations or even your Channel Logo on display, your TV Channel/s will quicky look dull and stagnant to the viewers. With today’s powerful CPU, displaying multiple or unlimited layers of Animations, Graphics and even 3D on your TV Channels simultaneously is no longer impossible. 

Our Graphic Playout servers can overlay CG & Graphics over 4K / HD / SD Video signal/s and usually support TGA files or Targa Sequence with ease. Additionally it is also able to provide a SDI Key & Fill feature which works well with your Production Switcher / Vision Mixers in your Studio during LIVE News or LIVE events broadcasting. With proper layout of Animations and Graphics over your TV Channels, you can create a powerful and captivating visual for your viewers. 

Our CG & Graphics Playout solution support the following UNLIMITED no. of layers such as:

– Crawlers / Lower-Third Text 
– Scrolling / Rolling text 
– Digital Video Effects 
– Graphics 
– Animations (Targa sequence) 
– Logos 
– Animated Banners 
– RSS Feeds 
– Stock Tickers 
– SMS Chats 
– Digital / Analogue clock 
– SWF files 
– Weathermetrics 
– Chroma Key 

Supported File Formats:

– TGA 
– SWF 
– BMP 
– PNG 
– TXT 

Video Input / Output:

– Serial Digital Interface (SDI) 
– SDI Key & Fill 
– Component 
– Composite 

As Broadcasters are moving towards a tapeless environment on their Broadcasting facility or perhaps the need to capture LIVE Video signals from a Satellite Downlink feed/s or even from their own Studio during Broadcasting, they will certainly need an Ingest or Recording system for this purpose by capturing these LIVE Video signals and converting them to a digital file format which can be stored within the Broadcast facility for later Video editing during Post Production or to be used for rebroadcast instead. 

All Ingest systems can be configured for Manual Capture or Schedule Capture of these LIVE Video feeds from SDI or IP sources. Additionally, our Ingest solutions usually comes with an Automatic File Transcoder and Automatic File Transfer process as well, which when configured can usually work on its own independently therefore bypassing the need for human intervention to manually perform the Video Transcodng and File Copying / Moving process. 

Some of our Ingest features are such as:

– Automatic recording of various types of 4K / HD / SD Video signals. 

– SDI / YCRCB / CVBS, SDI embedded / AES / Analog Audio, SPTS / MPTS in DVB-ASI / IP, MPEG2 / H.264, embedded recording schedule. 

– Recording with various resolution parameters. (Full High Res / Proxy) 

– Ability to superimpose the actual date and time of the recording on the image while recording. 

– Management of Media files in Server Archives with Search & Browsing capability functions. 

– Real-time editing of Proxy copies, export of Video files to Local / External / Networked drives, Supporting popular Video codecs & file Containers. 

– Multi-screen monitoring of all input signals being recorded. 

– Combined user operations when viewing materials, management of Recording Channels via a common simple, convenient user interface. 

– Automatic generation of reports (Log files) on major events (Recording, Data management, User activity). 

Supports various Compression Formats and Video file Containers such as:

– HD: 1080i – 25 fps or 29.97 fps / 720p – 50 fps or 59.94 fps. 
– SD: 625i – 25 fps or 29.97 fps. 
– AVID DnxHD (120, 145, 185, 220 Mbps) 
– Panasonic (DVCPro25, DVCPro50, DVCProHD) 
– Sony XDCAM IMX (30, 40, 50), XDCAM HD 422 
– HDV 
– DV25 
– MPEG-2 4:2:0, 4:2:2, 
– IBP GOP or I-Frames 
– MPEG-4 (H.264, H.265) 
– Uncompressed 32-bit Video. 
– Apple ProRes 

File Containers:

– AVI 
– MOV 
– MP4 
– MXF D-10 / OP1A 
– MPG 
– FLV 
– GXF 

Video Input / Output:

– Serial Digital Interface (SDI) 
– Component 
– Composite 

Network Interface:

– 1GBe / 10GBe 
– Fiber 

Supported Internet Protocols for Video Delivery / Receiving:

– Internet Protocol (IP) 
– User Datagram Protocol (UDP) 
– Single Program Transport Stream (SPTS) 
– Multiple Program Transport Stream (MPTS) 

Supported Controls and Triggers:

– General Purpose Interface (GPI) 
– Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency (DTMF) Cue Tones 
– Vertical Blanking Interval Capture (VBI) 
– Network Time Protocol (NTP) Time Sync 
– RS-232 / RS-422 
– IEEE 1394 Firewire 
– Remote Procedure Call (RPC) request 

Configurable Internal Server Storage for storing Video files (In Terrabytes) with RAID 1, RAID 5 or RAID 10 protection:

– 4TB 
– 10TB 
– 20TB 
– 30TB 

Planning to have Talk Shows all the time or LIVE Concert for your TV Channel/s? Our single Channel-in-a-Box solution can get the job done and its relatively cost effective to have a single Box to playout your Video Contents and overlay CG & Graphics at the same time for your Channel/s during the LIVE events. The Channel-in-a-box solution can either perform as a standalone broadcast or it can also perform as a LIVE passthrough by sending the LIVE feed to your Master Control Room (MCR) for dissemination through the right Channel and right Broadcast platform. Supporting 4K, HD or SD Video Broadcast and with the ability to receive mulitple LIVE Video fees and overlay interesting Graphics and Animations such as Stock Tickers, Weathermetrics, Lower-Third Text, SMS Chats, RSS feeds. In addition, it can even perform 3D Chroma Keying as well, if you are planning to have interesting 3D animations during such LIVE events. Talk to us for more info.

Whether you are a Sports TV Channel Broadcaster which usually requires LIVE instant replay with slow-motion for a greater visual effect or perhaps you need to perform Censorship on-the-fly for LIVE feeds coming from a Satellite Downlink that could contain obscenity or vulgarity, we have the right solution for you at a very cost effective setup. 

Our Instant Replay Slow-Motion & Censorship system can support multiple 4K / HD / SD Channel Ingest / Recording with the ability to also insert CG & Graphics overlay onto your channel on-the-fly. It even has a Jog / Shuttle control for performing quick and easy Slow-Motion effects, Video Trimming, Video Transitions and Video Censoring. You may also integrate it with a Mosaic Multiviewer or with the built-in IP Multiviewer. 

Some of the features of our Instant Replay Playout are:

– Simultaneous and independent Multi-Channel Recording and Playout, instantaneous switchover to slow playback mode and selection of playback input. 

– Smooth speed regulation, from 100% to frame-by-frame playback. 

– Real-time formatting and creation of a video clips database. 

– Fast editing, collation, and playback of highlights. 

– Execution of playlists as a sequence of events for Broadcast Channels (Programmes, Ads, Promos, etc). 

– Automatic creation of proxy-copies of materials during recording or importing files. 

– Import of media files with various types of compression and file containers from external production systems to the Server RAID Array. 

– Automatic background file Transcoding during import if necessary, File Container exchange and Audio Level Normalization. 

– Automatic generation of Metadata when they arrive in the Server being Recorded or Imported, with the option of manual or automatic Metadata entry and editing. 

– Provision of Network Client stations with Metadata search, as well as viewing and navigation services through Low Proxy for fast access to materials and Editing. 

– Editing and Trimming of Video Clips directly within the Recording and Broadcasting process. 

– Real-Time editing of playlist lines while they are being executed; 

– Export of Media files to the Playout Server, through the network, to other workstations, to Non-Linear Editing (NLE) stations, or even to the Archives. 

– Protected archiving of contents (Media data and Metadata) in the form of media and database files on a Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks (RAID). 

– Application of Server Redundancy and Playout Backup schemes from N+1 to N+N for Recording and Broadcasting Channels with Synchronization of Playlists. 

In order to comply with Broadcasting regulations that are determined by the government, usually Broadcasters would have to follow and adhere to a strict Broadcasting guidelines and rules. One of them is not to Broadcast sensitive content or obscene content that will offend the viewers. Thats why Broadcasters are required to regulate their own content and to perform LIVE Censorship and Content Control if needed. 

In order to fulfill and satisfy the government requirements which usually requires Broadcasters to continuously record or log their ON-AIR channels for a period of 6 months or more with time and date stamping on these materials, which will be constantly reviewed by the Broadcast Regulators. With our Compliance Recorder, this process can be done with ease by recording your ON-AIR channels for a minimum of 6 months or even more depending on your requirements. 

Usually these recorded contents can just be in a low res proxy file which is sufficient enough to view the content with ease and at anytime. With our built-in Mosaic Multiviewer, you can constantly monitor your ON-AIR channels while you Record / Log them for Compliance. We can customize a Turn-Key Server for you with Multi-Channel logging based on the no. of Channels that you require and the total no. of months that you wished to store them before purging them automatically or manually.